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8-year-old dies after Md. swimming pool incident

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Police in Montgomery County are investigating a suspicious possible drowning of an 8-year-old girl in Rockville.

It happened Monday at approximately 2:39 p.m. at the Rockville Swim Center, located at 355 Martins Lane.

Police say Stephanie Benitez, of the 1700 block of Gunther Avenue in Rockville, had jumped from the diving board into the deep end of the pool and swam to a nearby ladder. When she reached the ladder, she did not have the strength to pull herself out of the water and began making what were described as unusual movements.

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Judge halts Md. highway work in Rockville

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - A Montgomery County judge is ordering the State Highway Administration to halt work on a sound barrier along Interstate 270 in Rockville.

The Daily Record
reported Wednesday that the court denied the agency's attempt to perform preliminary tests at the Woodley Gardens Shopping Center. The property owner's lawyer says the case challenges a "highly intrusive" provision of the state's eminent domain laws.

The question was whether the state's right to take soil samples includes the right to jackhammer through the shopping center's asphalt parking lot. The work was in preparation for a 2,500-foot noise barrier along northbound I-270.

Agency spokesman David Buck says the sound barrier would benefit 34 homes and Woodley Gardens Park. He says the agency hasn't decided whether to appeal the July 17 ruling.

Ongoing investigation: Autistic twins kept in Md. basement

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Police said 22-year-old autistic twins were allegedly being kept locked in their Rockville, Md. basement by their parents.

It all started Thursday morning when Montgomery County Police went to the house located at 1602 Crawford Dr. in Rockville, to serve a warrant for an unrelated incident.

According to the State's Attorney's Office, as officers walked through the home, they stumbled upon a door in the basement that was bolted shut from the outside.

Officers unlocked the door and went inside. According to authorities, they found the twins in that room, they say, had an overwhelming smell of urine.

The room had no furniture, only a single bed comforter sitting on the hard tile floor. There was one light in the room that did not function.

Rockville building evacuated for Hazmat investigation

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Montgomery County officials say several people have been transported to a local hospital after a Hazmat incident at a building in Rockville.

Officials are on scene at 9171 Key West Avenue, where they were initially called for a gas leak and the building was evacuated until investigators could determine what was going on.

A spokesperson for Montgomery County fire and rescue services says it's believed an elevator malfunction may have resulted in a spill of some hydraulic oil and the resulting odor may have made several occupants of the building ill.

It's unclear at this time exactly how many people were transported to local hospitals.

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4 injured in accident on I-495 near Bethesda

4 injured in accident on I-495 near Bethesda

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA 9) -- Two Metrobus passengers are claiming injuries after the bus was involved in an accident on the Beltway Friday afternoon.

Authorities say that the Metrobus was involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle near the Old Georgetown Road exit on I-495.

Authorities report that two of the passengers in the involved vehicle are also claiming injuries.

Police make arrests in MD assault

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA 9) -- On Thursday, Police made an arrest in a June 30th assault and attempted robbery in Rockville.

Authorities report that Marcus Land of Rockville and Joseph Simonson of Washington, D.C. were both charged with one count of conspiracy to commit robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit second-degree assault.

According to police Land, Simonson, and one other suspect assaulted the victim on June 30 in the 12000 block of Twinbrook Parkway. Police say the victim was punched twice in the head after telling his attackers he had no money. The victim was able to identify one of the attackers as Marcus Land police say.

Police are still investigating the third suspect in this case.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Rockville City Police Department's Criminal Investigations unit at 240-314-8938.

2 arrested for assault with knife in Montgomery Co.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Rockville city police have arrested two men in connection with an assault earlier this week.

Officials say a man was assaulted with a knife Tuesday, July 15 in the Twinbrook Shopping Center located at 2000 Veirs Mill Road. It happened around 9:55 p.m., when the first suspect approached the victim inside a business and asked for a cigarette and money.

When the victim refused, the suspect cut the victim on his forearm with a knife and swung the knife at another person nearby, officials say. Police also identified a second suspect who threatened to kill an employee of the business if they called the police.