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Salt, Utility Trucks Hit The Roads Before Winter Storm | Weather

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Salt, Utility Trucks Hit The Roads Before Winter Storm
Salt, Utility Trucks Hit The Roads Before Winter Storm

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Monday night, salt trucks were already working area roads and snow plows were standing by.

9NEWS NOW's Andrea McCarren traveled the I-270 corridor from the Beltway all the way up to Frederick to check out conditions Monday night.

Utility trucks from Florida and North Carolina rolled into the area after Pepco asked its partners for extra crews. Not surprisingly, there were none available from the Mid-Atlantic region. So, Pepco asked for 250 crews from the Southeast. The utility company was able to get 110 crews.

From Rockville to Frederick, 9NEWS NOW heard mixed reaction about the approach of yet another winter storm.

Snow plow operator Blake Talbot told us, "It's going to be an all chemical event, so I won't be dropping plow. But it's good to get salt on the ground, treat everything, make sure the roads are nice and safe for everybody. "

A student, Emily Jacobs, expressed frustration about another storm.

"It's kind of frustrating because my semester just started and last week we lost power for 24 hours and were just not going to have class and I don't want my graduation to be postponed because of snow days," said Jacobs. 

Garen Minton, a cook, is fed up with the snow. Minton told us, "We've been waiting for snow, waiting for snow, waiting for snow. Got an inch, two inches maybe. We had our big snow. It's like, alright, I'm done."

John Gowin shares about the same sentiment after what he endured this past week: "It took me 9 hours to get home from Baltimore the other day. Left the office at 5:15 and got home at 3:20 a.m. So yeah, you could say I've had enough of it."

Monday night, D.C. officials say they have mobilized 200 vehicles focused on spreading salt on local roads. At 11 p.m., DC Public Schools officials said they do plan to open on time Tuesday. Prince George's County is also sending out crews to treat any icy roads at midnight.

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