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How Get Real Health is Helping Patients with Chronic Disease Management | Health

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How Get Real Health is Helping Patients with Chronic Disease Management
How Get Real Health is Helping Patients with Chronic Disease Management


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 75 percent of all the country’s health care expenditure goes to cover chronic diseases. As the country, families, and individuals struggle to find ways to reduce costs, they are also seeking ways to improve chronic disease management. Get Real Health, a company that specializes in creating technology-based tools for the health industry, has created a solution – InstantPHR.

“Our flagship product is effective, easy to use, and capable of helping people not only effectively manage disease, but also lower their costs in doing so,” explains Robin Wiener, the founding partner and president of Get Real Health. “We designed it to be a tool that empowers patients, and that’s just what it does.”

The name of Get Real Health’s technology-based solution, InstantPHR, stands for Instant Personal Health Record. The tool provides a variety of ways to help patients manage chronic disease, including:

·      Empowering patients so that they have more control over their care.

·      Allowing for collaboration in managing care, so that family members or caregivers can all use the same system. This helps to improve communication, as well as helping to avoid errors and prevent overlooking important information.

·      The flexibility to make changes and tailor the management program to meet one’s individual needs for care management.

·      Lowering the costs for health care. The tool does this, in part, by improving disease monitoring, especially following hospitalization. This can help to reduce instances of hospital readmission, as well as avoiding further complications.

“The more we can empower the patients, and get their family and care givers involved, the better their outcome is likely to be,” added Wiener. “InstantPHR has become a popular tool among those who want more control, collaboration, and cost reduction when it comes to their disease management.”

For more information about InstantPHR or Get Real Health, visit the site at www.getrealhealth.com.

About Get Real Health

Get Real Health is a company founded by Robin Wiener which focuses on technology-based tools to assist people with disease management and health issues. Their flagship product is InstantPHR, which provides instant personal health records. The tool allows patients to manage their disease, while also collaborating with family members. For more information, visit the site at www.getrealhealth.com.


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