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Monika Samtani Gets 'Zombified' At Md. Haunted House | News

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Monika Samtani Gets 'Zombified' At Md. Haunted House

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- It's Halloween, but you may want to take small kids out of the room for this one.  

If you like being completely freaked out, our Monika Samtani says the Urban Haunted House is the place for you.

"We try to make a 'Walking Dead' kind of zombie. We want more of a pale, not-so-green kind of rotted zombie with a lot of blood 'cause it's just so gory," said Kiley Walker, make-up manager at Hallow Inc.

Justin Watson, Hallow Inc.'s, PR Director explained, "We wanted to make this a scary Haunted House, scarier than any haunted house that we had been to."

More than a thousand people a night scream their way through the dark halls of the huge space in Rockville's Mid-Plaza, and the staff, I mean, the zombies make it worth the experience.

Urban Haunted House is Metro Accessible and open every night through November 3rd. Tickets are $30.


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