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New Solution For Women's Thinning Hair | News

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New Solution For Women's Thinning Hair

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA)-- Fine, thinning hair affects seven out of 10 women, and there are many triggers: heredity, hormonal fluctuations, cancer treatments, and aging among them. Some women are left with hair so thin and sparse, the scalp shows through. Now there are two Rockville salons offering a a brand new solution called Evolve.

At Progressions Salon and David's Beautiful People, local women are experiencing the Evolve Volumizer for the first time. Patti Mitchell is a Montgomery County judge who has always had baby fine, thin hair. Colorist Valerie Banda has been losing hair at the temples and crown of her head.

Cindy Feldman is the owner of Progressions Salon. She says of Evolve: "It is real, it is 100% human hair. It is very light, like a tenth of a pound. Women can't even feel that it is on their head."

The hair is hand-tied to a polymesh base, much more porous and ventilated than a wig. It is designed for women with up to 50% hair loss in the crown, and adds volume where extensions cannot.

David Cohen, owner of David's Beautiful People, says, "Now they don't have a flat, sparse top and full sides. Now we can integrate the whole system and it really is just absolutely wonderful for them."

Stylist and Evolve spokesperson Glenn Michael Millett says,  "It can be cut, it can be blow dried, flat ironed, curled.  Basically. anything a woman does with her normal hair, she can do with this system."

 The one obstacle for some women may be the cost. The hair piece from the Evolve company starts at a $1000. Everything else is extra.  

The hairpiece is designed to last a year, but needs to be readjusted or reinstalled on a monthly basis. There's typically a charge for that, plus cut and color.

Millett says, "Most clients come in every four to five weeks for their color touch-up or the haircut. So it doesn't burden them with an additional appointment, its just that we do it at the same time."

  And for women who have dealt with thinning hair or a receding hairline for years, Millett says the results of this investment are worth it.

Patti Mitchell couldn't believe the results, once the Evolve Volumizer was put in place, blow-dried and styled.

She says, "Believe me, I've tried everything, and they've tried everything to make my hair look the way that I thought it should. And today it does."

Valerie Banda shared the same reaction. "This is so incredible, it doesn't  feel like anything in my hair. I just looked in the mirror and I thought, 'Oh my God, this is me!'  I really feel good about myself and I can't wait for everyone to see it!"



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