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Faculty And Students Mourn Rockville Teen Murder | News

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Faculty And Students Mourn Rockville Teen Murder

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- At 17 years old, the inspiring Rockville High School senior dreamed of counseling troubled vets.

She was shot dead, police say, by a troubled Army recruiter she was trying to help.

The principal of Rockville High School says the school is just filled with tears for Michelle Miller. Shaken students just cannot believe that the Staff Sergeant who helped recruit her into the Army would kill her.

Michelle Miller's lacrosse coach wiped away tears and pulled herself together to remember the girl who was "Number One on the Field, And Number One in our hearts."

She says, "Michelle was our firecracker. She was the passion that drove this team, this family forward. She made everyone want to be better, faster, harder. She was the first one in the huddle, the first one to tell a teammate they could do it."

At her home, her dad was proud to show pictures of a life cut way too short but he was still too shaken to speak on television.

"That generous spirit may have cost her her life," her dad says. 

He says she got a text from Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt. He was suicidal, and Michelle thought she could help. She went to his Germantown home Sunday night and that's where police say Arndt shot her and then turned then gun on himself.

"She wanted to be a therapist. She wanted to help people, particularly people who suffered through combat." her Lacrosse coach recalls. 

But there's no indication Arndt was ever under fire. He was a 9 year Army Vet. The Pentagon says he served in Turkey, Korea, and Germany. He was also married but he dressed up to take a Clarksburg High School student to the prom last year.

Under federal law, military recruiters must be given the same access to high school students as recruiters from colleges and universities. Some parents have protested for years that military recruiters should not be allowed in high schools in Montgomery County.

Some parents feel these kids are just too young for that.

Michelle thought volunteering would be a good way to pay for college. And her parents signed off.

Investigators were back at his Germantown apartment, trying to explain the unexplainable. One neighbor called Arndt strange, and said she called the police twice because he was shouting and playing music at four in the morning.

At Rockville High, students are furious he took something so precious.

One student says, "Empty, desolate, quiet. I had her in two classes, so I'm pretty sure those two classes are going to be staring at the empty seats where she was there."

A Remembrance for Michelle will take place on the football field at Rockville High at 7 tonight. It's open to anyone who wants to attend.


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