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Wootton students learn their college fate in person | News

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Wootton students learn their college fate in person

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- As high school seniors inch closer and closer to graduation day, checking their mailboxes for letters (any letters!) from the colleges they applied.

But for a group of seniors at Wootton High School, they won't have to wait for their mail carrier to learn if they got into Towson University.

The school decided to tell them in person.

An admissions counselor at Towson went to the high school to let about 50 students know they had all been accepted to the university.  

"My Mom went to Towson and she's really proud and excited," one student said. 

Some students chose Towson for a specific major...

"They have a pretty good forensics program, and I'm thinking about doing forensic chemistry," a student said. 

For guidance counselors like Lynda Hitchcock, it was a rare chance to see the end result of all the time spent helping with applications. 

"Most of the time students get admitted and the letter is sent to home, so we never get to see the excitement on their face," Hitchcock said. 

Towson plans to surprise other groups of seniors at nine other Maryland high schools in the days ahead.

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