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Montgomery Co. promises plow down every road by Wed. morning | News

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Montgomery Co. promises plow down every road by Wed. morning

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- It's been three days since the snow stopped falling and thousands of Montgomery County residents say they haven't seen a single plow, causing County Executive Ike Leggett to make a big proclamation.

Leggett is promising that every single street in the county will get at least one pass from a plow by 7 a.m. Wednesday morning.

A lot of county residents are skeptical about that claim, pointing to an interactive snow map they say is woefully out of touch with how the streets really are. 

On Marlin Street in Rockville, the map says that clearing it is in progress, but residents say they haven't seen a plow come through since 7 a.m.

Some DC area neighborhoods untouched by plows

"I've got two teenagers in the house. I'm here and they're there. This is not walking, this is escaping," one resident told WUSA9. 

Wheelchair bound and stuck in her driveway, Brenda Hartman says the county's snow map is worse than useless.

"It shows they actually went around this complete loop," Hartman said. "Nobody has been here to plow. We're all stuck back here."

The snow map shows Fieldcrest Road in the Hadley Farms community in Gaithersburg is also "in progress." But residents there say they haven't seen a plow since Friday.

PHOTOS: Viewers show unplowed streets

County officials pulled Torrance Dawkins and his plow out of the Maplewood neighborhood in Bethesda so Leggett could see the operation from the passenger seat.

"I think we should have made it [the map] better. I think there's a challenge in terminology. We've used in progress to mean we're trying to get to the roads. Not that we're actually there," Leggett said. 

The Montgomery County Executive is pushing back against the claims now plows have come by, insisting workers here have done a much better job clearing snow than many other jurisdictions.

But if he fails to deliver on that promise to get all these folks freed by Wednesday tomorrow morning, you can bet they'll never forget it.

The County Executive says he is hoping to get rid of that 'in progress" terminology on the website before another big snow storm hits the D.C. area. 

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